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Now Renee is able to eat, speak, and smile without having to worry or feel self-conscious. With proper follow-ups every 6 months and the use of a mouth guard at night, these implant dentures should last Renee a long, long time. 

Look how great he looks in this picture. That is one happy man!

This is the new upper and lower set of Implant Dentures that I made for Renee. They look absolutely beautiful. He was very happy with them! his exact words were,

"You're a master! Boy, I'll tell you! You're a master in disguise!!"

What Renee needed was a completely new approach. After careful evaluation and study of his case, a new type of implant bridge design was used to replace Renee’s failing prosthesis. This new design is called the Veneered Procera Implant Bridge which consists of an ultra hard foundation made of Zirconium with a highly esthetic layer of porcelain veneered over the front of it. 

This video on the right shows Renee’s reaction to seeing his new set of teeth.  

Restoring Renee's Smile

When I first met Renee, he had already been treated with implant dentures twice but was having really bad luck with them. This was his predicament as he explained it to me,

“My bridges just keep breaking. I’ll be eating a sandwich and a big chuck of this stuff breaks off. This has been happening ever since I got my first set of implant dentures. I’ve spent 5 years dealing with this problem. I just want to be able to eat without worrying about my teeth breaking”

Renee had 6 implants placed in his upper jaw and four in his lower jaw. The first set of implant dentures he received was an Acrylic Titanium Hybrid—this one began to break after just a few years. This one was replaced by an all-new set of implant dentures of the same design—but this one started breaking just after one year. 

The dentures that were made were not defective or of a poor design. They were well constructed Acrylic Hybrid Bridges made by competent clinicians. However, they were just not working for Renee. The pictures below show just how severe the situation was.