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The Veneered Procera Implant Bridge (PIB)

The Veneered Procera Implant Bridge consists of a zirconium base over which a highly esthetic layer of porcelain is applied. The porcelain adds translucency, depth, and color tones to the opaque zirconium. The biting surfaces are in zirconium to minimize tooth wear or fracture of porcelain. The PIB is a combination of durability and a beautiful porcelain finish. 



  • High Cosmetic appearance

  • Minimal wear of teeth

  • Slim profile

  • Fixed (not removable by patient)

  • No palatal coverage

  • Strongest material available

  • Stronger biting force

  • ​Extremely stable, will not move at all


  • Some small porcelain chipping can occur over time that can usually be repaired chair-side

  • Large fracture of prosthesis due to trauma may necessitate the remaking of the entire prosthesis.