Our center specializes in dental implants. It's what we do every day.

Here is an example of full mouth dental implants done elsewhere and had some severe complications. This is why it is risky to travel abroad for large procedures!

This patient came to us to find a solution. We're happy to say this patient was very pleased with the new teeth we made him!

All-on-4 Permanent Dental Implants

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Quality Dental Implants in the Heart of the Central Valley

We'll take care of you from start-to-finish, placing the dental implants and making the teeth under one roof. 
We understand this is a big commitment and we are ready to walk by your side to help you understand everything you need to know. We pride ourselves on both our quality and in being able to make this treatment more affordable for our patients. 

Real Before & After Pictures of our Implant Patients:

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Why Choose us for Dental Implants?

Another Example of the All-on-4 Treatment (Before & After)

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Get a New Smile in 1 day. 

Competitive Prices. (All on 4 starts at $13,999)

Specialized Team & Quality Material

No traveling abroad for treatment

Have you been told you need dentures? Here's an example of a patient who didn't want to 

have to use dentures for the rest of her life. She got the All-on-4 Treatment.

Removing the teeth and placing implants can be done on the same day and a new set of non-removable teeth are installed.

A common question is, "Will I leave without teeth?" Rest assured you will never leave our office without a beautiful set of teeth!

And another example of Full Arch Dental Implants Done in One Day