Dental implants are a well-established method of replacing missing teeth with consistently high success rates. 

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Dental implants are made of 3 parts:

1. The part that looks like a screw

2. The part that looks like a tooth

3. And the part that connects those two

All we do is dental implants. Dental implants by a specialized team

We do offer a 5-year guarantee on our dental implants. If you get your work done with us, we'll take care of you.

The type of material that is used for each of those parts determines how nice your tooth looks and how durable it will be. 

Our Office uses:

  • Brand-name trusted dental implants with a long history of success
  • Quality abutment materials that provide the long term strength and durability. 
  • Zirconium ceramic crowns that mix strength with beauty. 

At your consultation, we will take x-rays, evaluate your unique situation and go over your options in detail. 


In order to be able to place a dental implant, there needs to be enough bone volume to anchor the implant.

If there isn't enough bone where we need it, it is possible to add bone through a procedure called a bone graft.