Affordable Dental Implants by a Dental Implant Specialist

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  • Greatly improved retention
  • Increased biting force
  • Just as stable as the "fixed options
  • Tends to experience less fractures, wear, and repairs over time compared to fixed dentures
  • Can provide additional lip support
  • Easier to repair than fixed dentures


  • May require some palatal coverage


The 4-Implant Bar Overdenture

In this option, four implants are placed in the jaw and after healing they are connected with a metal bar. The denture is made to "snap-on" to the bar. This bar provides significantly improved support for the denture, allowing you to bit much stronger and practically immobilizing the denture during all movements. to withstand the increased forces, the denture is often reinforced with a metal framework. This treatment is available for the upper and/or lower jaws.