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The Crowned Procera Implant Bridge

This prosthesis is the "Ferrari" of implant dentures. It consists of a base which can be made out of zirconium or a metal alloy, over which is cemented a whole row of individual highly-esthetic ceramic crowns. The use of individual crowns is desirable because they allow for the best cosmetic result. Also, in the event of physical trauma or grinding of teeth, it is more likely that a crown will become dislodged, rather than fractured. In this case, the patient can simply come to the office where the crown can easily be re-cemented. 



  • Fracture-resistance mechanism

  • Highest cosmetic appearance possible

  • Minimal wear of teeth

  • Slim profile

  • Fixed (not removable by patient)

  • Strongest material available (Zirconium)

  • Stronger biting force

  • Extremely stable, will not move at all


  • Some porcelain chipping can occur over time that can usually be repaired chair-side