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Affordable Dental Implants by a Dental Implant Specialist

The 2-Implant Overdenture

In this option, two implants are placed in the anterior region of the lower jaw. After a 3 month healing period, your regular denture is made to "snap in" to the implants. This treatment offers better retention of the denture. However, it does not offer better biting force or relief from sore gums. The denture still relies on covering a large surface area of your gums for support. This type of treatment is only done for the lower jaw. 



  • Most affordable implant denture option

  • Greatly improved retention from regular dentures

  • Tend to experience less fractures, wear, and repairs over time compared with other options

  • ​Can provide additional lip support


  • Bite strength might not feel very different compared to a regular denture

  • ​Will still move up and down when eating