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The "All-on-4" Treatment

The "All-on-Four Solution" is an attractive option for patients who have failing teeth or are dissatisfied with their existing dentures. This procedure may use as little as four implants in the upper jaw and four implants in the lower jaw to support a full set of teeth. Using this technique, it is possible for a patient to have a new set of permanent teeth immediately, on the day that their old teeth are removed.  

Appointment Sequence:

Despite what some advertisements might say, the entire process is not completely finished in one day. You do get your new set of teeth in one day, but we ask that our patients come back for some follow-up records and maintenance. By taking our time to do all the proper planning and try-ins, we make sure we get the best possible outcome for you. The typical treatment schedule goes something like this:

Appointment 1:At the consultation appointment we discuss the procedure with you in detail. If you choose to move forward, we can take our necessary molds and pick out a shade for your new teeth.

Appointment 2: At this appointment, we place dental implants and a new set of permanent teeth are installed.

Appointment 3: After 4 months, we can take new molds to make a new set of permanent teeth for you. 

Appointment 4: Next, we do a final try in of how your final set of permanent teeth will look. At this time, you can request any cosmetic changes in how you would like the teeth to look.  

Appointment 5: The delivery: The final prosthesis is put into place and any necessary minor adjustments are made. 

Follow up! We encourage our patients to follow a hygiene protocol and maintenance protocol to ensure their new set of teeth stays healthy and strong. 

Is "All-on-4" Right for me?

This treatment offers a very attractive and practical solution to patients with no teeth who 1) cannot tolerate their existing dentures, 2) want to be able to eat a wider variety of foods 3) want to stop worrying about their dentures coming lose throughout the day 4) who have bone loss that compromises denture stability. The All-on-4 treatment can also be a solution for people who have failing dentition due to many reasons such as acid reflux, dry mouth, damage from trauma, or poor oral hygiene. Some important factors to consider when thinking of pursuing All-on-Four treatment:

  • Am I a candidate for the procedure?

Some conditions make make a person ineligible for dental implant therapy. Some conditions include: any uncontrolled systemic disease such as diabetes, history of using intravenous bisphosphonates, and some bone diseases such as multiple myeloma. Also, some patients may not have sufficient bone width or height to place implants in. These patients may require additional bone grafting procedures before placing dental implants. 

  • Do I want the immediately placed temporary prosthesis?

What many people do not know about this treatment is that there are actually two phases of prostheses made. The first one made is a temporary fixed denture that can be placed at the time of surgery. This is what dentists mean by "immediate placement." This immediately placed prosthesis is worn from the time of the surgery until about 4 months later when there has been sufficient healing time to make the final prosthesis. The final prosthesis is different because it often has a metal or zirconium framework that makes it much stronger. This strength also adds to the longevity of your individual dental implants as well. One thing to be aware of is that the immediately placed temporary prosthesis commonly has to undergo repairs during the healing time. This is an important consideration for patients who do not want to have to go to the dentist during their healing time. Another option is to wear a conventional removable denture during the healing time. If the patient is able to wear a conventional removable denture, the patient will minimize any repairs that have to be made during the healing period. The patient will still have to make some trips to the dentist however, to have the denture adjusted every now and then. 

  • Is the cost right for me?

The truth is that dental implant treatment is a substantial investment. In fact, undergoing this treatment can cost as much as buying a car! However, you should consider how it will impact your quality of life. It is true that this treatment can allow you to eat the foods you love and due to its slim design can allow you to forget that you have any prosthetics in your mouth. It is important that you select a dental provider who you trust and can work with you to come up with a plan that fits into your financial plan. Perhaps it may be beneficial to only do the lower arch first, then you can do the upper jaw at a later time. There are many ways to modify the treatment to make it feasible for you.