The Monolithic Zirconia Prosthesis


  • As durable as it gets 

  • Minimal wear of teeth

  • Slim profile

  • Fixed (not removable by patient)

  • No Palatal coverage

  • Stronger biting force

  • ‚ÄčExtremely Stable (will not move at all)


  • Teeth can often appear non-translucent or "too white".

  • While less likely to exhibit fractures, they can be difficult to repair if they do occur.

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This prosthesis is machine-milled from a block of solid zirconium. After milling it is colored, stained, and glazed to attempt to capture a more natural appearance. Zirconia is the strongest material available in dentistry today, so this prosthesis is as durable as it gets. The compromise is that it lacks the translucency of natural teeth. Also, being difficult to color, it often results in a "too white" or mono-chromatic appearance.