• Slim Profile

  • Fixed (not removable by patient)

  • No Palatal coverage

  • Very Strong Base (milled titanium)

  • Stronger biting force

  • ​Extremely stable (will not move at all)


  • ​Denture teeth can exhibit wear over time especially if patients tend to grind teeth​

  • While this prosthesis is strong, it may still exhibit fractures, loss of tooth, and will require repairs over time

Offering same day dental implants  by a specialty trained implant dentist

The Acrylic-Titanium Hybrid

This prosthesis is called a hybrid because it is essentially made up of two distinct materials: the acrylic teeth and gums, and an underlying titanium framework. While standard denture teeth are used in this prosthesis, an acrylic hybrid will feel significantly stronger than a regular denture because it is tightly secured to several implants. It is not removable by the patient but the dentist can remove it as needed. This is a relatively cost-effective choice for patients who want teeth that feel natural and allow them to bite harder. 


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